Technopole Services

Stores – Services

The Technopole area not only hosts different companies, labs and universities, it also includes various  stores for your convenience. Not far away from Georgia Tech-Lorraine, you will find grocery stores (Cora, Simply Market, Leader Price), fresh produce and seasonal products (Grand Frais), and a shopping mall (Metzanine) which includes stores that sell household goods, electronics, clothing, shoes, etc. A drugstore can be found near Cora.

Restaurant – Food

All around Georgia Tech-Lorraine, you will find different places to eat, including:

Reasonably priced student dining is available in two places in the Techopole area:


There are several nearby hotels for visitors to Georgia Tech-Lorraine

Technopole: (close to the campus):

Downtown Metz:

Banking services

Before you leave on your trip, confirm with your bank that your debit card will work in Europe and alert them that you’ll be making withdrawals while traveling — otherwise, they might freeze your card if they detect unusual spending patterns.

ATM transactions made with bank-issued debit cards come with various fees. Your bank may levy a flat $2–5 transaction fee each time you use an out-of-network ATM, and/or may charge a percentage for the currency conversion (1–3 percent), on top of Visa and MasterCard’s 1 percent fee for international transactions.

There are several banks in the Technopole area, a few minutes walking distance from Georgia Tech-Lorraine. If you want to withdraw cash without excessive fees, please check to see if your bank in the U.S. has an agreement with a French bank. Standard banking hours are Monday to Friday from 9am-12pm  and 2pm-7pm. Some branches are open on Saturday (usually from 9am-1pm), but if so they are usually closed on Monday.

Here is a list of the banks located in the Technopole:

219 Avenue de Strasbourg
57070 METZ

Crédit Agricole
23 rue du Pré Gondé
57070 METZ

Société Générale
(Inside CORA shopping mall)
11 Bd Solidarité
57070 METZ

Agence de Metz Hauts de Queuleu
5 rue de Vercly
57070 METZ

Bus / Shuttle Services

To get to downtown Metz from the Technopole you can take one of two bus lines within the bus network. Both will have convenient stops in the Technopole.

Here is the map of the whole bus network that serves Metz.

Depending on your location, you can either use Line #12 or Line Mettis B: (chart to follow)

From Lafayette dorm ALOES dorm RESAM dorm CROUS dorm Georgia Tech Lorraine
Bus line 12 Mettis B Mettis B Mettis B or 12 12
Destination République Saulcy Saulcy Saulcy
Get on the bus at: Seulhotte Graham Bell Linières François Arago Symphonie
To reach the train station,
get off at:
To reach downtown area,
get off at:
On the way back to the Technopole
Bus line 12 Mettis B Mettis B Mettis B or 12 12
Destination/Direction Grange aux bois Hôpital Mercy Hôpital Mercy Hôpital Mercy
Grange aux bois
Grange aux bois

Late service is available too. You can board a Mettis B bus at “République” or “Gare” until midnight. The complete schedule is available on the LeMet website which is updated regularly.

If you miss the last bus, another option will be for you to call a taxi.
Here’s the number for a local taxi company: +33 (0) 3 87 56 91 92.