Travel Requirements for Graduate Students

Passport Requirements:


All students will need a passport that is less than 10 years old, valid for three months beyond their date of return to the US, and containing 2 blank visa pages. First time applicants can apply at any Passport Acceptance Facility. Routine processing time is approximately 6 weeks. Students should allow ample time to receive their passport.

Visa Requirements:

A long stay visa is mandatory for all non-European Union students planning to participate in the Georgia Tech Lorraine Fall and/or Spring Programs in France.
Step 1:  Mandatory online registration with the French Embassy: Campus France Registration. Upon completion of the registration, you will receive an email in your Campus France account inbox confirming your online application and providing you with a Campus France number.
Step 2:  $100 Campus France registration fee. The only form of payment accepted is a money order, made out to MCUFEU. The student’s Campus France registration number must appear on the money order (How and where to get a Money Order). Ms. Alina Opreanu in the Atlanta office will provide you with an “Attestation Letter” that you will need to attach to your money order when you mail it to CF.
Upon completion of the Campus France registration -- typically 3 to 4 weeks later -- students will receive a confirmation message emailed to their Campus France account, allowing them to apply for a visa.
Step 3: Purchase the mandatory Medical and Repatriation Insurance. If not provided by your primary insurance, note that OIE has been working with CISI. (Cost is $32/month). This is only an option – other providers are available.
Step 4:  Online appointment for the student visa application. Please schedule your appointment as early as possible but within 90 days before departure to France. The student’s personal appearance at the consulate is required for finger printing purposes. Make sure to print the confirmation of your designated appointment day/time.

Visa Application Packet

The following documents must be included in the visa application packet and with you when you go to your Visa Appointment at the consulate.

- Official checklist must be on top of your application packet and the items must be checked off.

- The confirmation email from Campus France allowing you to apply for the Visa ('Congratulations...')

- The OFII Form / Residence Permit Application Form
Fill out the top portion only. This form will be stamped by the consulate and returned to you with your visa. This stamped document is an essential part of the application for the residency card, which is mandatory once you arrive in France.

- A valid passport (valid for 3 months after the student's planned return date)

- Two copies of the passport page containing the student's Personal Information and Passport Number

Two Long Stay Visa Application Forms. If you need help to fill out this form, please contact Alina Opreanu. Your contact in Metz will be Katia Menard. The Georgia Tech-Lorraine address: 2 rue Marconi, 57070 Metz, France. The Phone Number :  03-87-20-39-39. E-mail:

- Non-US Students only: copies of all Immigration Documents (e.g. green cared, signed I-20--check signatures on p.2, J-1, or other US visa, etc.)

- Two recent passport-type photos (see precise photo requirements)

- Proof of financial support: students needs to prove that they have at least a balance of $820 for each month they will spend in France (i.e. $820 x number of months in France)
Accepted documents: most recent personal bank statements, scholarship award, parent's most recent bank statement with a letter of guarantee (attesting their relationship to the student and clearly stating that they will provide $820 per month for their son/daughter)

- Insurance letter from CISI (or other provider)

- Copies of your Student ID card and Driver's License if applicable

- Letter of participation from Alina Opreanu

- A copy of your travel itinerary

- Visa Application Processing Fee (cash payment only).
View the current Long Stay Visa Application Fee (French Consulate web site), subtract $100.00 from the total for the fee already paid to Campus France.

The consulate will notify students when their passports are ready for pick-up. If a student cannot return to the Consulate to retrieve the passport, a prepaid self-addressed FEDEX or UPS envelope must be submitted.

Graduate students planning to go to Georgia Tech Atlanta
Students going to Georgia Tech Atlanta must contact Vanessa Nau for the visa application procedure.

The visa application to go to the USA is totally different than the application to go to Georgia Tech-Lorraine France.