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To GT-Lorraine…and Beyond!

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To Georgia Tech-Lorraine…and Beyond!

A blog written by and for students embarking on new adventures at GT-Lorraine.

Check out the latest blog posts chronicling all things GTL, from pre-departure to campus life, and everything in between.

It's not often that a student can say that video games were a part of their coursework, but Dr. Stoneman and Georgia Tech-Lorraine's HTS 2100 class got to study video games with first-hand sources. Check out the neat opportunity in guest blogger Kevin Chen's featured post!
Students from Dr. Stoneman's HTS 2100 class took a trip to Toulouse - the "Aerospace Capital of Europe!" Check out the cool opportunity these students had to explore the city.
Sometimes the best laid plans just don't pan out, but no matter what, how you respond to hiccups can make or break your entire experience. Aria's trip to Barcelona didn't quite end as expected, but she made some discoveries along the way.

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