Georgia Tech-Lorraine's mission is to support Georgia Tech's global aspirations and advance its reputation through innovative collaborations in research, education, and economic development with European partners. Over the years, Georgia Tech-Lorraine has developed a rich network of collaborations with academic, research, and industrial partners, and it continues to grow a mutually beneficial relationship with local and regional government.

To accomplish its mission, Georgia Tech-Lorraine has developed strategic partnerships with leading engineering schools and industrial partners. The key points of the current strategic plan are outlined below:


As a campus of Georgia Tech, Georgia Tech-Lorraine will continue to evolve as the European destination for internationally-driven technological education, research, and innovation.


  1. Strengthen the global competency and enrich the personal experience of more Georgia Tech students by doubling overall enrollment over the next five years.
  2. Grow strong research programs in key areas of expertise within a multi-disciplinary setting by taking full advantage of opportunities in Europe.
  3. Foster Georgia Tech-Lorraine's innovation, technology transfer, and economic development impact in Lorraine and in Georgia.
  4. Develop planning, budgeting, and financial reporting mechanisms to promote long-term success and financial health.
  5. Develop a clear and logical organizational structure that achieves and promotes Georgia Tech-Lorraine's strategic direction.