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  • Ougazzaden Appointed to National Academy of Metz

    ECE Professor Abdallah Ougazzaden has been named to the National Academy of Metz as an honorary member.

  • Imaging Technique Unlocks the Secrets of 17th Century Artists

    The secrets of 17th century artists can now be revealed, thanks to 21st century signal processing. Using modern high-speed scanners and the advanced signal processing techniques, researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology are peering through layers of pigment to see how painters prepared their canvasses, applied undercoats, and built up layer upon layer of paint to produce their masterpieces.

  • Transfer Technique Produces Wearable Gallium Nitride Gas Sensors

    A transfer technique based on thin sacrificial layers of boron nitride could allow high-performance gallium nitride gas sensors to be grown on sapphire substrates and then transferred to metallic or flexible polymer support materials. The technique could facilitate the production of low-cost wearable, mobile and disposable sensing devices for a wide range of environmental applications.

To GT-Lorraine…and Beyond!

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To Georgia Tech-Lorraine…and Beyond!

A blog written by and for students embarking on new adventures at GT-Lorraine.

Check out the latest blog posts chronicling all things GTL, from pre-departure to campus life, and everything in between.

Come with Robby on a journey to Metz's next-door neighbor Nancy, where he got up close and personal with the lifestyle of a typical French student.
A semester at Georgia Tech-Lorraine holds endless possibilities - within a limited span of time! As Aria is starting to come to this realization, she offers some advice on travel theory for current and future travelers.
For his French class, Robby developed materials and then presented them at Georgia Tech-Lorraine's recent Portes Ouvertes - or Open House - and not only did he learn a thing or two about the French education system, but he also has a greater scope on the abilities and opportunities at Georgia Tech-Lorraine.
Having re-injured her ankle, Aria visited a city with one of the best public transportation systems - Frankfurt! But it was a nearby town that stole the show. Read about Aria's weekend in her latest blog.
The first weekend of travel holds so many possibilities, and Robby's weekend took him somewhere new and somewhere a little familiar! Whether with his new friends he's making at GTL or with his French exchange family, the weekend is bound to be a blast.

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